2009 Barbecue Galore a Success !


Barbecue Galore a Success !

Chalk up another good idea by Chapter 40 members that turned out to be a winner. The Chapter Open House and BBQ after the last meeting was a big success.

A large number of Whiteman Airport folks came by to see who we are and what we do (well, the free burgers and hot dogs didn’t hurt either).

Several aircraft projects in progress were displayed, to the delight of visitors. Our mission of encouraging aviation, aviation technology, safety, education and youth outreach was proudly discussed and promoted.

The really good news is that we signed up a couple or three new members in the process. Mem- bership and active participation is critical to our or- ganization… it’s events like this that make the dif- ference.

The Open House and Chapter BBQ was so much of a success that El Presidente Generalissimo Charlie Ducat has issued an executive order that we do it every year. Those of us in attendance cheerfully agreed with this decision.

As with any first-time event, there is room for improvement next year. We’ll need to get the word out sooner, and have a dedicated effort for let- ting everyone on the airport know about it. There are still airplane builders and restorers at Whiteman who are not members; that needs to be changed. But overall, even as a first-time event it was a home run. Please keep it in mind to be a participant next year!

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  1. charlie says:

    Great!! BBQ Thanks to all.

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