Another Huge Home-Run for Chapter 40… The Kids of Camp Chesed!


Chapter 40 has performed another miracle, this time bigger and better than the last one! The special Young Eagles event for the kids of Camp Chesed went off without a hitch. The heart and soul of the success was our brilliant volunteer staff managing the registration and scheduling process, Tamara Sheffey, Linda Lo- men, Candace Nicholson and Katherine Nicholson. Thanks also goes out to a great job done by Aviation Explorers Rosie Sheffey managing the passenger loading into the helicopter and Kelsey Lomen for manag- ing the flow of kids to and from the fixed-wing aircraft. A special thanks goes out to all the pilots who gen- erously offered their aircraft and their time to fly these most special children, Tom, Ceci, Stacie, Bill, Ruth, Ferd, and Tim Farmer who flew in from Tehachapi to fly kids.

A sincere thanks is more than appropriate for all of our volunteer staff and pilots, however a truly special thanks… head and shoulders above the rest… is due for Wayne Spears and Doug Abney. Wayne Spears is the owner of Agua Dulce Airport, and also an avid supporter of aviation and children’s activities. Mr. Spears personally donated the use of his Bell 407 helicopter and the fuel to operate it. Chapter 40 mem- ber (and Mr. Spears’ pilot) Doug Abney was kind enough to fly a large number of disabled kids in the heli- copter over the course of eight or ten separate flights through the day. The Spears helicopter with Doug in command was responsible for having flown the largest number of kids and counselors of any single aircraft at the event. The generosity of Wayne Spears providing the use of a large comfortable turbine helicopter en- abled kids with wheelchairs, or kids whose disability left them with little or no mobility, to experience the joy of flight and have perhaps the most exciting experience of their life.

2009 marks the second year that Wayne Spears has provided this helicopter to fly disabled kids, and the second time Doug Abney has graciously provided his time and considerable energies to fly. We are truly fortunate that people in the position to do this much good have chosen our event to participate in.

Once again, whether fixed-wing or helicopter, we sincerely thank all the pilots and aircraft owners who participated. We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

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