Open Sesame


This Saturday, July 18th, is also our first-ever EAA Chapter 40 Open House event. This is a very important event for us, because it gives the entire airport com- munity the chance to meet us, see what we do, and become interested in participat- ing.

Folks, this is a first-rate opportunity to pick up some new members and spread the word about ourselves. Please come out and participate. We’ll be offer- ing a free BBQ lunch, grilling hot dogs and burgers for the masses.

Please bring a side dish or dessert for the event to help us put our best foot forward. This event will determine how we are seen in our own airport community. We believe that this is a rare and important opportunity, so please help us make the best of it.

The Open Hangar and BBQ will start immediately after the regular Chapter 40 meeting on Saturday July 18th.

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