Fast Airplane, Salvage Title!


By now most of you know that Chapter 40 received a donation of a wrecked Piper Comanche 400 at the end of last year. Our aircraft “chop shop” consisting of Bill Schirding, Ferd Kuhn, Shay Chin and Craig Coffin quickly dismembered and disemboweled the Comanche down to the sell-able parts and pieces, leaving the larger and un-usable sections to the scrapper. So far, yours truly and Ferd have sold a couple of thousand dollars worth of the parts such as landing gears, flap and gear actuators, a bent propeller, and a few other parts. But we’ve still got about ten or twelve grand worth of stuff left to sell. The rare 8 cylinder Lycoming engine could be worth ten grand itself if fortune smiles on Chapter 40!

We’ve got a near perfect set of tailfeathers too, which will be very valuable to someone who had a hangar door fall on their fin or stabilator. Please take a moment to express your thanks to Ferd and Bill and Shay and Craig for their assistance and time.

The money we make will go toward rent and maintenance on the Chapter hangar, toward funding our various activities, and perhaps someday toward the construction of a hangar owned by Chapter 40.

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