Another Chapter 40 Young Eagles Home Run!


Chapter 40 has once again raised the bar and delivered a winning event that made a difference in people’s lives. On June 30, the special needs children from Camp Chesed and their young adult camp counselors showed up at Whiteman to experience the joy of flight. Program Coordinators Tamara and Claire handled the registrations and paperwork, Ed, Ruth, Ceci, Len, Jim, and Howard flew 50 special needs children and an equal number of counselors. As with our previous experiences with kids from this organization, flying with us proved to be one of the greatest experiences many of them have ever had. A great good deed was done for these wonderful kids. I have it on good authority that the big guy upstairs has put a mark in the “good” column for each of the participating chapter pilots, ground volunteers and operations helpers, for doing what we call “a Mitzvah” (sincere good deed for the right reason). Camp Chesed’s Jacques Hay also did a good deed; in addition to founding, managing and funding the camp itself, he has made a very generous donation to Chapter 40 as a gesture of thanks for our doing a special Young Eagles event on a Thursday. Pilots with commercial ratings should contact Ferd Kuhn to discuss fuel reimbursement for this event.

Here is a link to the official Young Eagles site

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  1. eric macleod says:

    what do i need to do to have my son logan join the young eagles?

  2. charles says:

    Contact Pres. Charlie @ 818 705-2744

  3. Dean Humphus says:

    For the EAA Young Eagles event on July 27th, is there a waiver form that will need to be completed for each child? Is that form available online or could you please email it to me?

    Dean (Dad)
    Youth member Nick #1117375 and Tony #1117376

    • jrjones says:

      The form is available on-site. It’s short; only a few lines to fill in. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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