New Video by Chapter 40 Member Christian Stoehr



Christian Stoehr has created an amazing video to help promote my EZ Flap product. Thanks to his generosity and world class talent, there’s now a high quality “commercial” promo video I can show at Oshkosh and have streaming on my website. Thanks to Chris, “M7Flyer” Dave, Stinson owner ¬†Karl Sommer, Chapter 40 member John Eggett, and the beautiful Candace Nicholson for taking the time to help create this video. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Still in awe over this incredible achievement,





  1. Aussieflygal says:

    Simple and practical. Great safety idea. Almost makes me want to replace the electric flaps on my C206.

  2. Alycia says:

    Awesome on all counts. I’m not biased…really.

  3. doug says:

    A great innovation to improve flap operation while improving outside situational awareness….I do not have manual flaps in my plane but if I did I would purchase this invention.

  4. How much does it cost?

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