The new edition of the Los Angeles Terminal Area Chart became effective June 30, 2011.
On the chart legend, check changes: the symbol for TWEBS has been deleted.
On the navigation side of the chart, check the changes:
1. Warning Area W-289 has been changed to Warning Area W-289E, W-289W AND W-289S. Warning Area W-290 has been deleted, Warning Area W-292E has been added.
2. The isogonic lines have been updated by 30 minutes east.
3. The waypoint at Magic Mountain has been renamed Amusement Park.
4. Revision 62 published frequency 123.05 two places in error; corrected to 123.025.
5. Near Burbank the visual checkpoint at Macys was renamed “Shopping Center.”
6. Near El Monte, an intersection was added, “ITSME.”
7. A visual checkpoint was added at Knott’s Berry Farm, “Amusement Park.” Note: May potentially be confused with Magic Mountain.
8. Just west of Lake Mathews, an obstruction symbol has been added, 1480’ MSL, 261’ AGL. And southeast of the lake, an obstruction symbol at 2500’ MSL has been changed to a multiple obstructions symbol and 203’ AGL has been added.


Whiteman Airport Sectional

Los Angeles Terminal Chart

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