Saturday, August 20th Chapter Meeting at 9:30am


August 20th, at 9:30 AM in Rocky’s Restaurant, please show up, because this meeting’s special guest is YOU! That’s right, the August meeting as usual is time for Oshkosh in Review, featuring YOUR stories, photos, videos, and opinions.

Please bring your digital photos, saved as individual JPEG files, on either a CD or DVD. Please do NOT put them in “folders” or any sort of file hierarchy. Just “loose” JPEG or video files on a disk. If you got a photo of you and Burt flying in the BiPod… we need to see it. If you were clever enough to take a photo of the EAA’s magnificent 1909 Bleriot replica… we’d really like you to share it with us. Also, please be prepared to discuss what you saw at Oshkosh, what seemed interesting, and what will soon be changing the world. Also, let us know what seemed fairly improbable, and absolutely regale us with hilarious stories about how the salesman for the “Super-VTOL 8000” promised you Mach 2 out of your backyard on 4 gallons an hour. In short, bring anything and everything with you to share, whether it’s only your recollections or you have 3D HD XL video.

Bob Hoover

Bob Hoover 2011

Another prime focus of this next meeting will be a very important group discussion regarding some great ideas for chapter activities that have been presented by members recently. We really need your participation in this discussion… it’s your EAA chapter and these ideas are all primarily to get all of us (that means you) involved more. Some of these ideas include…


1)      A chapter aircraft building project (done within safety and liability realities),

2)      Frequent chapter workshops and activities improving aircraft building skills,

3)      Programs to help the Aviation Explorers reduce their flight training costs

4)      Programs to reduce Chapter members’ flying costs

5)      Appealing to and engaging new members


Please come to the meeting and actively participate in these discussions, YOU and me and the chapter leadership and all of the other members will be the ones who benefit!


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