Chapter 40 Meeting Notice September 2011


This month’s meeting is THIS Saturday, September 17th, at 9:30AM in Rocky’s Restaurant. BE THERE! This meeting will be all about the newfangled and revolutionary things we’re embarking on. We need YOU to participate and help set Chapter 40’s course for the future! WE are this month’s speakers, you and I and every other member. We truly want you to be a part of this historic meeting, where things will be discussed and decided.

The topics for this meeting (plus anything YOU bring up) will be:

Chapter 40 members will possibly be constructing a group-built aircraft. This will be a separate entity from a legal standpoint, but it will still be all of us wearing different hats. We need YOU to help decide what category of airplane, which specific airplane might work best, who’s airplane it will be, who will be responsible for doing or building what, etc. We need your ideas and assistance on this!

We’re actively looking for a good sheet metal brake for the chapter shop. Chapter 40 has several sheet metal airplanes being built, and even a composite airplane will have some sheet metal parts in it. The chapter will be contributing towards the purchase of this brake. We want your input, assistance, recommendations.

Chapter 40 wants to build a second story or “mezzanine” in the hangar. This will give us more room to build, more income, more activities that can take place. We want your input and approval/disapproval/ideas on this.

Chapter 40 is working on at least three aircraft donation possibilities. One of our members has a partly built Pietenpol, a classic antique homebuilt which would be an interesting chapter project. He is somewhat amenable to having this finished as a group project. We are in the final negotiations for a really interesting little sportplane called a Cygnet SF-2A which is 90% complete. This is a unique little back country taildragger with a Revmaster VW engine. There is a fair possibility we can get the sheet metal donated for a scratch-built chapter airplane such as the Thatcher CX-4, Zenair 750,  or Murphy Rebel. These projects would involve YOU, give YOU opportunities to learn, build, fly and participate… We want YOU to be part of the decisions, the planning, and the strategy (or “stragety”, as the American hero Bugs Bunny calls it).

Show up at his meeting, please, all Chapter 40 members. This meeting will be a part of setting the course for the future of our chapter and for creating a future for aviation participants of all ages.  so YOU need to be part of it from the beginning!

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  1. Bill says:

    Posted on Good turn out! There were 17 women and 2 baby girls in attendance at the Saturday meitneg that lasted 75 minutes. It was a great day to have lunch outside at Joe’s Cafe and watch a wide variety of aircraft, including one impressive aerobatic airplane do a high-angle screaming take-off.

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