We need your HELP to pick up plane this weekend


Chapter 40 has successfully solicited another aircraft donation, and we need a couple of volunteers to help go get it. A Sisler SF-2A Cygnet project is scheduled to be donated to our organization, so that we have a project for our members to complete. This will make an exciting project since the majority of it is done and all major parts are included. The project is located at Casa Grande Airport, outside of Phoenix. We need a couple of volunteer drivers to go to Casa Grande. The chapter will get a U-Haul or similar one-way truck rental, help load the project into the truck, then one driver will bring the truck and project back with the other driver following. The cost of the gas, truck rental, and perhaps even a couple of lunches will be covered by Chapter 40. We would like to arrange the pickup for this coming weekend (October 1 or 2). Please contact Bill Berle at 818-634-9762 to be part of this interesting adventure.

Bill Berle






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