America’s Ultimate Barn Find Collection


Although not directly aviation related, many of our members may find this of interest.

This November 3-5, 2011, Auctions America by RM in partnership with RM Auctions will be lifting the gavel on one of the Chicago area’s best known treasures — The Lee Hartung Collection.  Billed as the “Ultimate Barn Find Auction”, the three-day sale will include over 2500 lots, and will put up for sale literally hundreds of America’s rarest and most unique two- and four-wheeled vehicles.

Lee Hartung was a collector’s collector.  Based in Glenview, IL, Hartungs collection rested on 4 acres in the middle of the North Chicago suburb, and was amassed over the 60 years since he purchased the property in the 1940s.  For those fortunate enough to get a glimpse of Lee’s collection over the past decades — they were among a select few to step into a time-warp that told a unique story of 20th century Chicago —- from Lee’s point of view.

Dale was one of those fortunate individuals, having stumbled across the collection in the mid-1980s during a trip through the Chicago area to visit a friend.  Immediately, Dale recognized the gravity of the collection, as well as the unique and passionate individual that had made it his life’s mission to preserve and amass the history housed within those walls.

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