EAA Chapter 40 meeting THIS Saturday! October 15th, 2011


This Saturday’s meeting will be a unique opportunity for you… ye shall be authorized! This chapter meeting will feature Ron Bernstein, who is an FAA authorized WINGS program presenter. The FAA WINGS program is a series of informative and important presentation, featuring topics which are relevant to pilots, air safety, and aircraft operations. Regular attendance in the WINGS programs can give you credit for your biennial certification!

Mr. Bernstein’s presentation will be on deciphering the mysteries of aircraft navigational charts, and how to best use them in an aircraft. Ron will also discuss the process of updating charts and keeping the information accurate that pilots use.

Donate This!

Chapter 40’s intrepid, bumbling, stumbling, grumbling, mumbling Director of Development has managed to successfully solicit the donation of a large lot of aircraft construction materials, steel tubes, wood, blueprints, and components. this large lot of parts and materials happens to look like, and bear resemblance to, a 3/4 built Sisler cygnet homebuilt aircraft project. This will become the first “group building project” for our chapter members to participate in!

Please join me in thanking Harold Lunt and his friend Zorin for volunteering to bring the project back home i n a Penske box truck. Please join me in thanking Tom Hastings for flying our “special ops” team out to Casa Grande Arizona in high style at 200+ miles an hour in the Chapter 40 executive transport.

The details of this building project will be discussed at Saturday’s meeting. Please be prepared to offer an opinion, a vote, offer to participate, and/or be part of the discussion even if you are not interested in building this aircraft.

The reason these “newsletters” are getting shorter and shorter is because the exchange of news and information relevant to Chapter 40 is now being done faster, easier, and with fewer restrictions through our web blog site. Thanks to the efforts of Chapter 40 member Christian Stoehr, the chapter’s web blog features many more articles and items of interest than ever before, and opportunities for YOU to interact, contribute, filter, sort, and get information faster than ever before. So please participate in this new world of information and enjoyment! Much more information, many more interesting items, and long-awaited opportunities for you to participate are now in place… take advantage and be a part of this, or we’ll beat you with rolled up sectional charts like the flight instructors in days of old.

Bill Berle

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