Chapter 40 News November 2011


Next Meeting THIS Saturday –

November will see the last Chapter 40 meeting of the year, so don’t miss it. This month’s meeting will be held this Saturday, November 19th, at 9:30AM in Rocky’s Restaurant. Please show up, to hear a very interesting presentation about a very interesting pilot!

Our speaker will be Ms. Barbara Schultz, who has a fine historical presentation on Moye Stephens. Moye Stephens was part of the founding of Northrop in 1939, flew the N-1M and other Northrop prototypes, and piloted author Richard Halliburton around the world in a Stearman C3B in 1930-32.  Also included is Moye’s flying at Clover Field and Rogers Field as well as his stint as a captain for Maddux, TAT and TWA Airlines in Ford Tri-Motors. This promises to be an excellent and interesting look into the Golden Age of aviation, focusing on one of the people who played a part in history. Be there or be square!

The Fat Man’s Coming!

No, we don’t mean Orson Welles… we mean the one and only Santa Claus! That’s right, kiddies, once again it’s almost time for the annual EAA Chapter 40 Christmas and Holiday Season Extravaganza! There will be no monthly meeting in December, the Christmas party will serve as our last meeting of the year. The big event will be held on Sunday December 18th at 5PM, once again through the boundless generosity of the Tom Hastings family. The address is 8344 Oso Avenue in Winnetka, CA a block north of Roscoe and a block west of Winnetka Ave.

The main dish will be catered courtesy of EAA Chapter 40… and the remainder by YOU. Please bring a side dish or dessert to share. We had a slight imbalance last year, with much more desserts than side dishes, so your intrepid, insipid, vapid author has devised a brilliant scheme to even it out: If your last name begins with letters A-Q bring a side dish. If your last name begins with R-Z bring a dessert dish.

The highlight of our event is always the much-ballyhooed and world famous White Elephant Gift Exchange. Please bring an unmarked, wrapped gift with a value between $20 and $20,000. Each participant will pick a mystery gift from Tom’s Table of Temptation, upon which the next participant will have the opportunity to savagely pilfer your gift… forcing you to pick another. A good time is guaranteed for all!

In recent years there have been a few White Elephant gifts which were found to be… not quite worthy of our esteemed membership. So in a draconian, iron-fisted demonstration of absolute authority, Chapter 40 President Charlie Ducat will be borrowing a fingerprint scanner and police criminal identification database from the dreaded Project Police division of our neighboring Chapter 1000, to identify (and punish severely) anyone not observing the minimum gift value threshold stated above.

Eagles Young and Old

There will be 2 more Young Eagles events for 2011, and some exciting news about 2012. Chapter 40’s last two 2011 events will be held on Saturday November 26th and Saturday December 24th (yes, we know that’s the day before Christmas). But some truly exciting news is the pending public announcement of a new program to compliment the fabulous Young Eagles program.

Your sneaky, snarky, slithering, salacious, espionage-soaked mole of a reporter brings you the scoop of the decade! Thanks to the incredible success of the Young Eagles program for all parties (and for aviation overall), EAA has wisely decided to expand the concept. EAA Eagle Flights is the name of a new program that will provide the same type of Young Eagles flight experience for adults over 18! Expect a formal announcement later this year. Although many of the details have not been finalized, this will become an equally worthwhile program to involve adults, parents, and interested people in aviation. As an EAA chapter, our direct benefit will be in making friends for aviation, bringing in new members, and strengthening aviation’s acceptance in our community. The design of the program, and how/when Chapter 40 incorporates this program into our lives will be one of the important subjects at this month’s meeting and certainly other meetings in 2012.

In Conclusion (and in Collusion)

November is also time for the annual Chapter 40 election of corrupt officers. You have the privilege and moral duty to vote in the election, de-election, re-election, recall, incitement and and indictment of various candidates for positions of leadership. There will be newly designed positions we will be voting on as well (such as manager of the group building project, Eagle Flights adult program coordinator, etc.) These are both existing and newly created positions where your time and effort can make a difference. Chapter 40 wants YOU to volunteer for, and assume a leadership role in, any or all of these areas. This is not the Daley machine in Chicago, we truly want new people to get involved!

So you simply must get off your empennage and show up at this month’s meeting, Saturday at 9:30AM in Rocky’s Restaurant! We need you to participate in interesting discussions of great relevance to our local aviation world, to hear an interesting presentation on a guy who played a part in aviation history, and to help steer our ship into the future.

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