Cygnet Chapter Building Project meeting TONIGHT Nov 30th at the hangar


I have just been informed by Bill Berle that  Carlos Spillari is interested in becoming the Project Coordinator for the Cygnet building project ! Carlos is an enthusiastic new member of our chapter, who is very interested in building and flying the Cygnet, and earning or renewing his license.

Once approved by the Chapter President, Carlos will become the central point of contact for the project, interfacing with and between the various individual builders, the chapter leadership, and the various volunteer experts in the various technical disciplines. Carlos’ generosity and effort will make it so that everyone can contribute something of value without having to be “the boss”. The Project Coordinator will essentially keep everyone in the information loop, and coordinate the building activities among the participants.

Carlos will be supported by the various experts and experienced technical advisors, engineers, and the volunteers who wish to participate in the building activities. Those of us who wish to participate can discuss ideas, come up with a list of priorities, and help figure out what to do next anbd how to do it… and Carlos will be able to keep track of and coordinate thison behalf of the group.

It is my suggestion that this coming Wednesday (thats today (Nov 30th) night (after 8pm) (when 4 or 5 of the usual suspects from Shay’s Air Force will probably already be at Whiteman) would be a good time for the first exploratory meeting with Carlos and the builder’s group. The usual “Midnight Munchies Meeting” at Denny’s in San Fernando would be an obvious choice for the FIRST meeting… this can of course be moved or changed to suit the participants’ desires and schedules.

Please all parites distribute, publish and proselytize this development everywhere appropriate.

Please visit the forum at to join the discussion.

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  1. Christian says:

    I`ll be there at 8pm tonight at the hangar for the meeting.

  2. Don Lorenzen says:

    Love reading the progress on your Cygnet. Building one myself; fuselage done, L wing complete & stored for Winter. Engine mount this Winter, larger baggage storage. Regards, Don L Missoula, MT

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