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Chapter 40 News Jan 2012

Next Chapter Meeting January 21; Be there Or Else!

The next meeting is THIS Saturday, January 21st, at 9:30 AM at Rocky’s Restaurant. This is the first meeting of 2012, and we will be discussing several topics of interest. Please make time to come and participate… we’ve got some new members to introduce, some progress on our project to announce, and a few important group decisions to make.

Most importantly, Chapter 40’s credit default swap consultant and Cayman Islands banking expert Ferd “White Collar” Kuhn will be there with his collection associates Rocco and Nunzio… to collect your $20 yearly Chapter 40 dues. All official Chapter 40 members please bring a check or cash, weave your way through the tent city and cardboard box mansions of the “Occupy Whiteman” movement, and get the money into Ferd’s hands at Saturday’s meeting.

Happy New Year!

On behalf of all Chapter 40, we wish all members a healthy, happy and prosperous 2012! We look forward to the new year with a new building project, new activities at the Chapter 40 and Oshkosh level, and having several new chapter members.

Christmas Party

Please join Chapter 40 in expressing our sincere thanks to Tom Hastings and his family for once again hosting our annual Christmas and Holiday Party. Tom and Joyce opened their home to a wild horde of babbling, boisterous airport bums, and created a memorable event where we shared much joy and camaraderie. Thank you as always to Tom, Joyce, Jake, Amber, Maddy, and TC for your generosity and welcome. Our world famous (and infamous) White Elephant Gift Exchange was a huge hit, seething with all of the Machiavellian maneuverings and slippery subterfuge we expect, to the delight of all.

Young Eagles and Old Eagles

The next Eagles event will be January 28th at Whiteman Airport. I say “Eagles” because a recent decision was made by EAA HQ to expand the Young Eagles concept to offer flights to adults as well. This addition represents a tremendous opportunity for EAA to make more friends in the community and create more aviation enthusiasts. There are also several other aspects and pro/con effects that must be factored in to our chapter’s decisions on how and when we should incorporate this new Eagles component into our activities. In fact, this subject is one of the most important topics that you will be discussing at Saturday’s meeting. On a related note, Charlie will have our 2012 Young Eagles permission slips at the meeting, so we can start promoting the program. In 2012, Chapter 40 will once again be holding the Eagles program flight events on the 4th Saturday morning of each month, weather permitting.

Chapter 40 Cygnet Building Project

Our chapter building project is off to a great start. Project Coordinator Carlos Spillari is doing an incredible job sorting out how this should progress. Carlos’ enthusiasm and commitment is inspiring, and even in these earliest stages (when we’re still looking for the right groove) it’s obvious that he’s the right man for the job. One of the topics that Carlos will likely be addressing at the meeting is whether there should be any changes in the time and/or day of the builders group events (to make it more accessible or desirable for others to become involved). Please come to the meeting and participate in this discussion.

The Tax Man

If your aircraft meets the requirements for property tax exemption, your paperwork to qualify for the exemption is due by February 15th. Public display of your historic aircraft can include (among other venues), the Whiteman Airport Association Display Day, public airshow event displays, and Chapter 40 Young Eagles events.

B-17 Aluminum Overcast Tour 2012

The B-17 event for Chapter 40 in 2012 will begin with its arrival Thursday April 26th and through that weekend until departure Monday April 30th. As always, Chapter 40 is requesting full participation from all of its members, because the B-17 event is now our only scheduled ongoing fundraising event. This year, due to the higher cost of fuel to operate the aircraft, B-17 program headquarters has informed us that 80 paid ride seats need to be sold in order for the Van Nuys event to be considered a viable tour stop. Chapter 40 President Charlie Ducat has made it a priority to meet this goal, and requests that every chapter member make it a personal goal to sell at least one ride on the aircraft. This year, Chapter 40’s Vice President Dave Kolstad has generously volunteered to serve as the B-17 event coordinator.

Get Well Soon!

Speaking of Dave, he was injured recently and is now recovering from a broken back. Please join all of Chapter 40 in sending our sincerest get well soon wishes to Dave. Thankfully, we all know very well that Dave Kolstad is not the kind of guy to let any setback get the better of him, and you can bet your last nickel that he’ll be back good as new.

B17 Bomber

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