99s need event help May 3rd-6th at Whiteman

The 99s are having a big meeting in North Hollywood May 3 through the 6 (Thursday to Sunday).  Around 20 airplanes will be flying in to Whiteman Airport on Thursday and Friday.  They need help parking airplanes, driving golf carts, unloading and greeting the pilots and passengers.  They’ll all fly out on Sunday, when they’ll need volunteers, too.
Can you help?  If you’re available Thursday (10 to 4), Friday (10 to 2) and/or Sunday (9 to 2) and want to meet some neat women pilots, let Ceci Stratford know (she’s also EAA 40 member) know.  She can be reached at (805) 630-3696 or cecipilot@sbcglobal.net
Some of you have helped the 99s park airplanes at previous meetings and you know how much fun it is!  So, send a message to Ceci and come help!

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