EAA Chapter 40 News, April 2012


A Big Month for Chapter 40!

Let’s get ready to Rock n’ Roll folks! April will be (to paraphrase the great Red Green) … a big month for the chapter. Our next Chapter 40 meeting is THIS Saturday, April 21, 9:30 AM at Rocky’s Restaurant at Whiteman. We need ALL Chapter 40 members to be present, since there’s lots to discuss.

The EAA’s B-17 Aluminum Overcast is arriving for its VanNuys tour stop, which will be the weekend of April 27, 28, and 29. Chapter 40 member Dave Kolstad is the event coordinator. Dave will be giving a final briefing and finalizing our plans to host the tour stop. If you haven’t signed up to participate and help out the chapter, please be prepared to do so on Saturday.

ALSO, on Saturday April 28, we will be holding a Young Eagles flight rally at Whiteman Airport (not Van Nuys!). We will definitely need pilots and ground crews, because we will have passed out a very large number of flyers and permission slips beforehand. Last weekend was a parade in Burbank, where Chapter 40 had a “float” with our chapter airplane project on it. Hundreds of flyers were passed out to the crowd. Also, Aviation Career Day is coming up, and our beloved fearless leader and benevolent despot Charlie Ducat will be passing out a bunch more at that event. So we expect a larger than average turnout at the Young Eagles event at Whiteman on the 28th.

As reported on the Chapter 40 website, the 99s are having a big meeting in North Hollywood May 3 through the 6. Around 20 airplanes will be flying in to Whiteman Airport on Thursday and Friday. They’ll need help parking airplanes, driving golf carts, unloading and greeting the pilots and passengers. They fly out on Sunday, at which time they’ll need volunteers again. If you’re available to help Thursday (10 to 4), Friday (10 to 2) and/or Sunday (9 to 2) please contact long-standing chapter 40 and 99’s member Ceci Stratford for more information. She can be reached at (805) 630-3696 or cecipilot@sbcglobal.net . Some of you who helped the 99s park airplanes at their previous meetings know how much fun it is! Don’t miss out on meeting new flying friends and lending a hand to the lovely 99’s, with whom Chapter 40 has a very close relationship and many members in common.

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