Special Young Eagles Day


On Monday July 2, Chapter 40 will once again be doing a very special Young Eagles type event. Previously, this event had  been a tremendous success, and has been one of the most rewarding experiences in memory for the pilots and ground crews. When you look back at your life, participating in this event will surely be one of the greatest things you’ve done.

Camp Chesed, operated by our dear friend Jacques Hay, is a faith based organization serving children and young adults with the most severe debilitating developmental conditions such as Autism, Asperger, and Downs Syndrome. Along the lines of the Challenge Air program, but more informal and less bureaucratic, Chapter 40 will be providing Young Eagle type flights for these exceptional children and young adults. Flying in a small aircraft is often the greatest experience of their lives, and brings incredible joy to a young man or woman whose condition has prevented them from experiencing what other kids enjoy.

The campers who participate in Camp Chesed suffer from conditions that prevent them from being in Little League and football and so many childhood activities that other kids can do. Many are confined to wheelchairs and have never been able to swim or run or play in their lives. But thanks to the superhuman energy, kindness and commitment of Jacques Hay, these kids are able to participate in camp activities and experience at least some of the fun of being a kid. Chapter 40 is proud and privileged to be a small part of the good that Jacques does for these most deserving and overlooked young people.

Once again, participating in this event will be one of the most enriching experiences you will ever have as a pilot. We need pilots with four seat aircraft, to accommodate the camp participant and at least one camp counselor/attendant or parent. We are expecting over 80 participants this year, so we will at least need five or six aircraft. Also, we will need ground operations personnel to help organize the event and keep things running smoothly.

It is important to note that Camp Chesed always makes a very kind donation to Chapter 40, offseting part or all of the fuel costs for this event.

Accept our sincere assurance that helping fly these kids will be a life-enriching experience for you. Please contact Young Eagles coordinator Alycia Herman at 818-701-6801 as soon as possible to sign up for this wonderful event.

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