Annual Chapter 40 Barbecue THIS Saturday!


Really! This Saturday July 21 is the official Chapter 40 Annual BBQ and Ron Weiss / Tony Crippen Memorial party. Please bring a side dish such as chips, salad, dessert… the hot dogs and burgers will be supplied by the chapter, courtesy of our Treasurer Ferd “The Co-Mingler” Kuhn and Chapter 40’s official Bargain Hunter Alycia “Queen of Coupons” Herman.

As most of us remember, we lost Ron and Tony on the day of our chapter BBQ three years ago today (as this is being written Wednesday July 18th). Those of us who knew Ron and Tony will agree they would have absolutely insisted on a big party, lots of laughter, and old-school aviation camaraderie in their memory.

Our regular monthly Chapter Meeting is also THIS Saturday just before our BBQ. The location of this meeting is absolutely, officially, and firmly… to be determined. That means as of Wednesday afternoon we do not yet have a final confirmation on whether we will have access to (the artist formerly known as) Rocky’s Restaurant for our meeting. Whether it is at the restaurant or not, there will be no breakfast served because the restaurant operation is now closed.

So, using your Chapter 40 secret decoder ring and the authorization code “Nut Plate”, you must adhere to the following classified and clandestine procedure:

1) Show up at our normal meeting time, 9:30 AM, at the front entrance to Rocky’s Restaurant and see if the door is open. If it is, make sure you are not being followed, and proceed inside and attend the meeting.

2) If the front door is not open, using your secret agent compass and rappelling ropes, go around to the back entrance of Rocky’s (on the ramp side) and see if that is open. If it is, make sure you ARE being followed and proceed inside to attend the meeting.

3) If the back door and the front door are locked, put on your “regular airport bum” disguise and oil-stained baseball cap, and proceed under cover and incognito approximately 300 feet South by Southeast, compass heading 120. You will arrive at the secret EAA headquarters, stealth homebuilt hangar complex, and metal shavings manufacturing facility, also known as Broom Lake, and attend the meeting there.

Wherever our chapter meeting is, we will have lots to discuss. As most of us know, we have had two tragedies recently, one of which hits very close to home. Our friend and fellow airport denizen Mike Boolen, and another Whiteman pilot Harry Bell, were lost in the crash of an LSA “Sting Sport” aircraft. Also, a homebuilt Cozy type aircraft crashed under what appears to be very preventable circumstances in Winslow, AZ. Because one of our chapter’s primary focus areas is and always has been safety, we will be discussing these events and trying to prevent future tragedies like this. On a lighter and more enjoyable note, we also have a couple of chapter airplane project ideas and scenarios to discuss with our membership. Thanks to the efforts of “Shay’s Air Force” and Chapter 40’s “Builder Group”, we have the opportunity to get new members and Young Eagles participants involved in building airplanes. This is an opportunity that simply CANNOT be missed or squandered!

So make sure you’re there THIS Saturday, to participate in our chapter meeting and BBQ event. We want you to be there… who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

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