Chapter 40 News November 2012


Fear and Loathing in Oshkosh —

This month’s meeting will be held Saturday November 17th, 9:30AM, once again in the former (and future) airport restaurant space. This will be the last time for a few months that we will be able to use the restaurant, because the word is it’s about to be remodeled. Apparently Wolfgang Puck is eyeing the space to become his newest exclusive mega- trendy restaurant. Oh wait a minute… never mind… I was thinking about Wolfgang’s third cousin Hockey. No matter what the future holds for the restaurant, we will have it for at least this month.

And one of the primary topics of discussion this meeting will certainly be the resignation of EAA president Rod Hightower, and the cloud of mystery surrounding it. As one internet chatroom pundit noted, when a President/CEO departs under amicable circumstances, they usually make a point of sticking around a short time to assist with a smooth transition to new leadership. The fact that Mr. Hightower is apparently not sticking around, nor playing any part in transition to a new executive, is likely an indicator of a departure that was not mutually amicable… or mutually not amicable.

EAA is likely in pretty good temporary hands with Jack Pelton (who stepped up to lead the organization through a transition), but the mid-to long-term leadership of EAA is not certain. Far be it for your bumbling, stumbling, grumbling newsletter editor to offer an idea… but if Jerry Brown can come back to govern California after a 30 year absence, maybe someone should check in to see what’s on Paul Poberezny’s calendar these days.

Just When You Thought the Campaigning Was Over

The annual Chapter 40 Election is upon us again. This Saturday you will be choosing your chapter leadership. More importantly, you will have a very good chance to become part of the chapter leadership. Unlike so many dictatorships and Banana Republics, EAA Chapter 40 allows, welcomes, and sincerely wants our members to step up and serve as a chapter officer. We encourage any and all of you to contribute a little time and effort, to bring some new ideas and new energy to a chapter officer position. Please consider throwing your hat in the ring on Saturday, for any chapter officer position. The members of the chapter will vote, and you can be assured that any enthusiasm you offer to bring to one of these positions will be met with equal enthusiasm from the voting members.

Whiteman Airport Open House and Young Eagles

Whiteman Airport is having an airport open house event on December 9th. Airport Manager Andrew Marino specifically requested that Chapter 40 fly Young Eagles on that day. Your chapter leadership is in support of this event, it represents a good opportunity to make friends and supporters out of our community. We would like to ask for the support of the members and Young Eagles pilots and ground crews. Please attend this month’s chapter meeting on Saturday and we will discuss this event, and decide whether this should be treated as a separate Young Eagles event from the regularly scheduled YE rally, or whether we should simply move our regular December YE event to a new date of December 9th and not have it on the fourth Saturday this December. We want and need your opinions and preferences, as well as wanting to know of any schedule conflicts that this could cause.

Grab Your Bikini… it’s Christmas Time, Folks!

File this under “Only in Los Angeles”. It’s still shorts and T-shirts and bikini and sunscreen weather as of late, but (unlike our mainstream news media) the calendar doesn’t lie. This is the last regular meeting of the year, because our next monthly meeting will be the long-awaited and universally beloved Chapter 40 Christmas/Holiday Season party! Thanks to the boundless generosity (and innocent gullibility) of the Tom Hastings family, our party will once again be at the Hastings home. So keep an eye out in December for an e-mail from Chapter 40 with the exact date and time, as well as the details of what to bring.


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