Our first meeting of the year is this Saturday, January 17, 2015, 9:30 am at KWHP, in the same abandoned building Walter White used for his Meth Lab. You didn’t know that the “Breaking Bad” lab scenes were filmed at KWHP, did you? They needed a cold, desolate, uninviting space, and the former airport restaurant was available.

Chapter 40 dues are $30 (a bargain at twice the price),
and are due at the first of the year.

Please Read Ferds letter below.

The ford Tri-Motor may be giving us a visit.
We all need to talk about this.


See You There!


And now, a letter from our treasured Treasurer, Ferd:

Dear Members:

Happy New Year to all members of EAA Chapter 40.

Unfortunately, I am attending a
Wedding / Family reunion / Embezzler’s convention
on January 17 in Tucson, Arizona and will not be able to
attend the first Chapter meeting of 2015.

In my absence, I have authorized Charley to receive your 2015 dues of $30 in
Cash (small, unmarked bills) / Checks / Enron stock
made out to “EAA Chapter 40”.

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