Meeting and BBQ July 2015


Hi there, Pilot Persons!

This Saturday, July 18, is our next meeting and yearly BBQ. This will be our 7th Annual Chapter 40 BBQ and Ron Weiss/Tony Crippen Memorial Party!
The meeting will be at 9:30AM, with the BBQ following the meeting, around noon.

Your job is to bring something else to share, a side dish, dessert, etc.

The meeting will be held in the sad, abandoned building that used to be the home of our beloved restaurant. The BBQ, on the other hand, will be held at the happy EAA hangar.

At the meeting, our own Murry will be speaking about “Breaking the Cost Barrier II”.

Wings are what make flight possible, not engines. By eliminating the use of aircraft engines and minimizing the need for engines of any sort, homebuilders can make flying affordable. The history of flight shows us what has worked in the past and gives clear direction to flight in the future.

Hope to see you there!

PS: Don’t forget to bring a side dish or dessert.
Because, Hungry Pilots.
Without lots ‘o food to distract them, the threat of Cannibalism looms.
Ha ha, just kidding! (not really).

Blue Skies, Charlie

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