B17 Event Needs Your Help


Hi All,

The last time I spoke with Oshkosh we have about 22 rides pre-booked and paid for; Galpin is not only providing a rental car, but has bought two rides as prizes for their sales people!

As of Monday night the only gap in the planning that I’m aware of is the need for someone to serve as a vehicle gate guard on Thursday for the media flight.  If someone could be in that position from about 11:30 to 2:30 on Thursday I would much appreciate it.  Call on my cell, (818) 645 5391 and let me know if you are that kind person.  I’ll be glad to help and even do it, but don’t know how much I might be needed for whatever unexpected comes our way.

Clyde has put together a group of  middle school girls he’s calling HOPE to sing WWII songs on Saturday about 4, and The Prop Park is providing a barbecue on that day as well.  Anne Marie has lined up some vets–can the youngest be under 85?– to participate in the entire event.  As of now even the weather should be pretty mild, so let’s hope the June Gloom permits morning flights; beyond that  it should be an absolutely fine time for everyone able to make it.

Dave Kolstad

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