Ch 40 Meeting September 2016


Hello everybody!

Our next meeting is this Saturday, September 17th. We are still meeting in the same old Rocky’s restaurant until they tear it down. Be there at 9:30 a.m.

Ferd just contacted me with very interesting news: the club project airplane (our cygnet) is ready to fly (well, almost ready to fly) for the first time! This will be a milestone for the chapter. We will discuss more about the airplane and flight testing at the meeting.

Next Eagle day is September 24th, but this is no normal eagle day; it is also the Whiteman airport open house. In the past the open house has brought many new kids for their first airplane ride, so we need support from all pilots to get these kids up in the air. Manager Andrew has assured me that we have extra fuel for this event. Last year we flew a bunch of kids, so we will need extra help for this event.

Message to Clyde Carpenter: Please bring donuts! We love them! #HungryPilots

The Summer is almost over, so please show up for the meeting this Saturday.

BlueSkies and Tailwinds,




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