CH 40 Meeting October 2016


Hello everybody!

It’s time for our next to EAA Chapter 40 meeting. Our next meeting is this Saturday, October 15th,
We are still meeting in the old Rockys at Whiteman airport, 9:30 a.m.

October is a strange month because it has 5 Saturdays, so make sure you come this Saturday the 15th.

We had a very successful Whiteman open house and Young Eagle day. The only problem that we had was we were short on help in the office and short on Pilots and about 200 kids. Our next Young Eagle Day is on the 22nd of October, and a lot of the kids that missed last month will be showing up, so we need office help and pilot help.

I have received a few reports that people are getting viruses from our Facebook account or the EAA chapter 40 website.The internet is getting to be a very dangerous place to be these days. If you have a problem please let me know. our website is hosted by John Jones who graciously has been keeping it going for many, many years. Our Facebook page has been run by Clyde Carpenter. He does a great job! You should check it out. While our Facebook page does not have big numbers yet, Clyde informs me that it’s getting bigger all the time.

We will be discussing our chapter hangar, which seems to be changing all the time With all kinds of interesting projects in there. If you have not visited the our hanger you should visit it after the meeting. The chapter project plane, our little fliver (powered by a Volkswagen engine), is about ready to get up in the blue. This is the first airplane that chapter 40 has ever attempted to build, and I am personally very excited to see it take off into the wild blue (well, I hope not too wild).

Hope to see you all this Saturday blue skies and Tailwinds, Charlie

PS: Donuts are always welcome!

Blue Skies,

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