January 2017 Chapter 40 Meeting


Hello, and Happy New Year to all chapter members!

Our first chapter meeting is this Saturday, January 21st At 9:30 a.m. in the old Rocky’s restaurant. We will use Rocky’s until they tear it down. Or the airport authorities build a new restaurant like the promised four years ago. Or the sun expands and consumes the earth. Whichever comes first (I’m betting on the sun). Remember that donuts are always a nice addition 🙂

January is the time to pay your $30 chapter dues. This makes Ferd very happy (and trust me, you want Ferd to be happy. The last person to make Ferd unhappy was Jimmy Hoffa, and he hasn’t been seen since), so please show up with your checkbook, or Bitcoin, or even old-fashioned money.

We will be discussing the chapter project airplane, which is ready to fly (or has flown; I’m not sure). It looks pretty nice. Ferd, Mark, Bill and all others that worked on this little fliver should be proud!

I will be showing off a mini laser engraver that would be fantastic for making aircraft placards or instant business cards or just setting things on fire. For any of you members that don’t pay your dues, we’ll try to keep this thing away from Ferd, at least until the next meeting.

Looking forward to see you there!

Blue Skies and Tailwinds,

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