March 2017 Meeting


Hello all members.

Our next meeting is this Saturday, 03/18/2017. Same old place: KWHP, in the ghostly remains of the former Rocky’s restaurant, at 9:30 am.

Time flies, and so does our Chapter 40 project plane, the Cygnet!


On March 11, intrepid test pilot Bill “Nerves of Steel” Berle (channeling his inner Orville Wright) took the Cygnet for its maiden flight. Bill survived. The plane can be used again. In other words, a resounding success! Bill will be available for autographs after the meeting.



We have a public service announcement this month:

I’ve been trying to hunt down a 2012 AirVenture pin (the circular ceramic one) and nobody in my chapter has one or knows someone with an extra. I was hoping you guys might have one down at your chapter. If you could let me know, I’d be happy to buy it off of whoever has it.

Thanks, August Eichman, EAA Chapter 1 (KRIR)

See you this Saturday.

Blue Skies,

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