September 2017 Ch 40 Meeting


Hello to All Chapter 40 Friends & Members!

This Saturday, September 16th, is our next chapter meeting at Old Rocky’s Restaurant (KWHP) at 9:30 a.m.

This weekend is also Reno race weekend, so if you’re not going to the races, come by the Chapter 40 meeting.

Our great little Chapter 40 Cygnet is now living at Whiteman Airport. We have flown off the hours, and it is now signed off in the experimental category! A big thanks to Bill, Ferd, and Mark (and all the other members that put their sweat and tears into this little airplane). After the meeting you should go by the hangar and inspect it. It is a unique design, in that it has a shoulder wing forward swept-wing, and is powered by a monster Volkswagen engine modified for aircraft.

Our next Eagle day will be the 23rd of September, but what makes it so special is that it coincides with the Whiteman open house. This year we will be doing Eagle flights out of the new American airports building across the ramp, so you need to enter and park your car by using the back road for the Whiteman Airport open house and Young Eagles.

In other news, if you cannot afford an airplane for yourself, you surely can afford to join an airplane club.The Skycombers flying Cub (now based at Whiteman) has a Cessna 177 Cardinal for rent. I just received this email below:

My name is Dominick Scarola, and I am the President of Skycombers Flying Club. We are based here at Whiteman airport (KWHP), and as a club can be traced back to 1930. Our membership has at times been comprised of astronauts, business owners, engineers, and teachers. Currently we have members who are part of CAP, work at JPL, business owners, former airline dispatchers, civil engineers, retired utilities supervisors, and some that work at Lockheed. We run a 10 Flynn no member club per plane with the goals of flying, community participation, and social activities.

We have a 1973 Cessna 177B Cardinal. The airplane is fully equipped VFR & IFR airplane with a Garmin 650, Garmin 495, Garmin GTX345 ADS-B in/out with the ability to communicate traffic via Bluetooth to 6 handheld devices. We have quarterly plane washes, monthly meetings, and in between we go to air shows and display our plane — even compete in air rallies.

Skycombers is currently looking for some new members. A member must have a minimum of a private pilot license to join. There is an initial buy-in and then monthly dues. Our flight hour cost is based on tach time. The great thing about our club is the camaraderie and that there are no minimums for flying. A member may book the airplane for a cross-the-country trip and not be subject to a daily minimum. A member can be as involved as they see fit. We have a great reserve to prevent the need for any special future assessments to improve the plane. So what you use is what you pay for; it is as simple as that. We hope to hear from you and hope that you can join one of the most inexpensive ways to have pride in ownership of an airplane!

Dominick Scarola <>
PS: Do not forget that donuts are the lifeblood of any aviation organization. They (the donuts) are always welcomed by Starving Pilots. You don’t want to be responsible for a dangerous wave of low blood sugar sweeping through the airport, do you? Of course you don’t. No pressure here; we trust you to do the right thing.

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