Road testing the prototype CaraVella...

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Road testing the prototype CaraVellair, a roadable aircraft. Here is the video from our member Joe Caravella about  the Prototype CaraVellair as configured for the 45 mph test drive. You can read up more on his website at

Ligeti Stratos Design video

Posted on Oct 03 2011 | 1 Comment
Ligeti Stratos Design video Who remembers this design ? Check out our forum and join the discussion under “Design Group”, “What would happen when the CriCri and the Boomerang had a baby ?”  


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FLS Microjet FLIGHT TESTS EXCEED EXPECTATIONS The BD-Micro Technologies, Inc. (BMT) FLS Microjet completed Phase I flight testing on May 5th 2011. All performance expectations were either met or exceeded. Better known as the “James Bond jet”, the BD-5J for the first... Read More »

The Story of an FAA Approved Aircraf...

Posted on Jul 14 2009 | 1 Comment
Part 1: Of Enormity and Conformity Some of you may know that getting anything FAA approved can be a big job. Some of you know only that anything and everything in aviation is expensive and can’t figure out why. Well, your intrepid newsletter editor knows why, first hand. Several years ago, sitting in an older Cessna owned by a friend at Whiteman, I had an idea... Read More »