Big Win for Experimental Aircraft on...

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Big Win for Experimental Aircraft on AD Applicability March 15, 2012 – EAA and experimental category aircraft owners waited a long time for this piece of good news, but it finally arrived on March 12, when the FAA published an updated Advisory Circular (AC 39-7D) on Airworthiness... Read More »

VNY Runway Closure Nov 6th, 2011

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VNY Runway Closure Nov 6th, 2011 Hello – I just wanted you to be aware of a brief runway closure at VNY this next week. On Wednesday, November 9, 16R/34L will be closed between 8 am – 9 am.  16L/34R will be closed between 9 am and 10 am. You... Read More »

Garmin Aero 796 Demo

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Garmin Aero 796 Demo If you are looking to get into a portable glass cockpit, and 3D vision, Garmin has an entirely new GPS that combines a mini-glass cockpit and a full Electronic Flight Bag (EFB). The new touch-screen 796 replaces stacks of... Read More »

New online “Forum”

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New online “Forum” For those of you who haven`t seen the new update to the website, we now have an online “Forum” for members to  share ideas and have online discussions. Please click on the “Forum” button on the top... Read More »

Safer skies – MIT Algorithm

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Safer skies – MIT Algorithm A new algorithm could help prevent midair collisions, which involve 10 to 12 small aircraft every year. CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has mandated that by 2020, all commercial aircraft —... Read More »

News From the Electronic Frontier!

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News From the Electronic Frontier! Two enthusiastic Chapter 40 members, Christian and Clyde, have followed through on their offers to take some of the load off of the chapter’s long-suffering beast of burden webmaster John Jones. Clyde has established a... Read More »

Spin Doctor

Posted on May 02 2011 | 2 Comments
Spin Doctor Speaking of Kelsey, those of us who come from the “old school” are particularly proud to report that she has advanced to the next level of her flight training and skill development. We understand that she has (or has... Read More »

Fast Airplane, Salvage Title!

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Fast Airplane, Salvage Title! By now most of you know that Chapter 40 received a donation of a wrecked Piper Comanche 400 at the end of last year. Our aircraft “chop shop” consisting of Bill Schirding, Ferd Kuhn, Shay Chin and Craig Coffin quickly... Read More »