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Re: Chapter 40 Build Project Ideas, Lets kick around ideas f

Postby SpillariU » Wed Sep 28, 2011 10:10 am

Dear Sirs:

It is, without any doubt, a wonderful initiative put forth by you to build an airplane with our chapter members involvement in its construction.

I believe that chapter 40 could limit it’s involvement solely to actively train and capacitate any member or guest interested in participating in the build. Giving them clearance in the form of an in-house certificate of completion and then invite all individuals to participate in the build. Insuring the quality of the labor applied to the project and minimizing the build time of the project, since all the time invested by the participant would go directly towards building.

These would alibiate the need to maintain legal liabilities completely separated between our chapter and the final owner/operator of finished project.

The training could be cyclic (electrical, rivets, fabric, etc), month to month or week to week and initially determined by the build’s needs. That is to say that if riveting is needed, that week’s training could focus on that.

Furthermore, since the training would be of a revolving nature, it would easily lend itself to motivate boy/girl scouts, air cadets, schools or any other club or entity to participate.

For your consideration,


Carlos Spillari
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