Chapter 40 News November 2012

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Fear and Loathing in Oshkosh — This month’s meeting will be held Saturday November 17th, 9:30AM, once again in the former (and future) airport restaurant space. This will be the last time for a few months that we will be able to use the restaurant, because the word is it’s about to be remodeled. Apparently Wolfgang Puck is eyeing the space to become... Read More »

Meeting this Saturday

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We Have Returned! Many many years ago, General Douglas MacArthur stood on the shores of the Philippine Islands and famously said “I Shall Return”. Some years later, he triumphantly said “I Have Returned”. And so history (sorta) repeats itself seventy years later because… This Saturday, Chapter 40’s victorious, heroic, triumphant... Read More »

Chapter 40 Meeting

Posted on Sep 12 2012 | 3 Comments
This Saturday’s monthly Chapter 40 meeting will take place at Whiteman Airport, in the Pilot’s Lounge, again THIS Saturday morning, September 15, 2012, at 9:30 AM. Rocky’s Restaurant is closed permanently, and despite numerous assurances by both the former restaurant operator and the airport management, the restaurant/building is not available... Read More »

No August Meeting

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Due to a number of external factors, there is NO MEETING this Saturday. To make up for this, next month we will have Carol Ann Garrett for our speaker. She has flown around the world solo 3 times (!), giving Young Eagle rides along the way. Don’t miss the meeting next month!

Reminder – Young Eagles

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This Saturday, July 28, 2012, is our regular Young Eagles day. Come out and get involved with the next generation of aviators. Help is always appreciated; Pilots to fly the kids, people to conduct ground tours, etc. We start at 10 AM at Whiteman airport, on the Grassy Knoll (in front of the restaurant that isn’t there any more, so bring your own coffee).

Mike Boolen Memorial

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For those of you who knew Mike Boolen, his family has made arrangements for a memorial on Saturday, July 28th at 1:00 pm.  It will take place on Rocky’s patio at Whiteman Airport.

Annual Chapter 40 Barbecue THIS Saturday!

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Really! This Saturday July 21 is the official Chapter 40 Annual BBQ and Ron Weiss / Tony Crippen Memorial party. Please bring a side dish such as chips, salad, dessert… the hot dogs and burgers will be supplied by the chapter, courtesy of our Treasurer Ferd “The Co-Mingler” Kuhn and Chapter 40’s official Bargain Hunter Alycia “Queen of Coupons” Herman. As... Read More »

Reminder – Special Young Eagles day, Mon July 2

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To All pilots: This Monday July 2 Is a special young eagle day at WHP for Camp Chesed. Flights will start about 10 am. We are expecting about 100 kids. We need both pilots and ground crew for this event. Everyone can help. These are special need kids, and really would appreciate the chance to fly; it would make their day!  

Special Young Eagles Day

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On Monday July 2, Chapter 40 will once again be doing a very special Young Eagles type event. Previously, this event had  been a tremendous success, and has been one of the most rewarding experiences in memory for the pilots and ground crews. When you look back at your life, participating in this event will surely be one of the greatest things you’ve done. Camp... Read More »

Oxnard EAA Chapter 1469 Fly-In/Spot Landing Contest/Pan...

Posted on May 17 2012 | 1 Comment
Oxnard EAA Chapter 1469 is having a Fly-In/Spot Landing Contest/Pancake Breakfast this Saturday 19 May 2012. Fly-In parking at the transient parking area next to the terminal. The breakfast area is in the second hangar East of the transient parking. Breakfast starts at 9 am. Spot landing are at 10am and 11am.  Prior briefing required. Young Eagle flights... Read More »