VNY Runway Closure Nov 6th, 2011

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VNY Runway Closure Nov 6th, 2011 Hello – I just wanted you to be aware of a brief runway closure at VNY this next week. On Wednesday, November 9, 16R/34L will be closed between 8 am – 9 am.  16L/34R will be closed between 9 am and 10 am. You... Read More »

America’s Ultimate Barn Find Collection

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Although not directly aviation related, many of our members may find this of interest. This November 3-5, 2011, Auctions America by RM in partnership with RM Auctions will be lifting the gavel on one of the Chicago area’s best known treasures — The Lee Hartung Collection.  Billed as the “Ultimate Barn Find Auction”, the three-day sale... Read More »


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FAA TO ESTABLISH TFR OVER LOS ANGELES, CA BEGINNING MONDAY FAA TO ESTABLISH TFR OVER LOS ANGELES, CA BEGINNING MONDAY A notam has been issued that will restrict flight in the area during President Obama’s planned visit. ==> 30 NM RADIUS TFR <== Location: On the SANTA... Read More »

EAA Chapter 40 meeting THIS Saturday! October 15th, 20...

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This Saturday’s meeting will be a unique opportunity for you… ye shall be authorized! This chapter meeting will feature Ron Bernstein, who is an FAA authorized WINGS program presenter. The FAA WINGS program is a series of informative and important presentation, featuring topics which are relevant to pilots, air safety, and aircraft operations. Regular... Read More »

Help unload the new chapter project today

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Thanks to Bill’s great find of the Sisler SF-2A Cygnet project donation, and Tom for flying our crew out to Arizona today, and thanks to Harold and his friend for taking the 7 hour drive to bring it back to Whiteman in a trailer, we now have our chapter building project. We need your help unloading the trailer, so if we can get some volunteer for Monday... Read More »

Ligeti Stratos Design video

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Ligeti Stratos Design video Who remembers this design ? Check out our forum and join the discussion under “Design Group”, “What would happen when the CriCri and the Boomerang had a baby ?”  

We need your HELP to pick up plane this weekend

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We need your HELP to pick up plane this weekend Chapter 40 has successfully solicited another aircraft donation, and we need a couple of volunteers to help go get it. A Sisler SF-2A Cygnet project is scheduled to be donated to our organization, so that we have a project... Read More »

Amazing Helicopter Flying Snoopy

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Amazing Helicopter Flying Snoopy Very skilled Helicopter Pilot. Thought you might enjoy.    


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INFORMAL AIRSPACE MEETING Involving LONG BEACH, CA “INFORMAL AIRSPACE MEETING Involving LONG BEACH, CA. (6 -9 p.m.)” Topic: Planned Establishment of Class C Airspace at Long Beach (LGB), CA On Tuesday, October 25, 2011 at 6:00 PM Location: Holiday Inn Long Beach... Read More »

Chapter 40 Meeting Notice September 2011

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This month’s meeting is THIS Saturday, September 17th, at 9:30AM in Rocky’s Restaurant. BE THERE! This meeting will be all about the newfangled and revolutionary things we’re embarking on. We need YOU to participate and help set Chapter 40’s course for the future! WE are this month’s speakers, you and I and every other member. We truly want you to be... Read More »