Spin Doctor

Posted on May 02 2011 | 2 Comments
Spin Doctor Speaking of Kelsey, those of us who come from the “old school” are particularly proud to report that she has advanced to the next level of her flight training and skill development. We understand that she has (or has... Read More »

Fast Airplane, Salvage Title!

Posted on May 01 2011 | No Comments
Fast Airplane, Salvage Title! By now most of you know that Chapter 40 received a donation of a wrecked Piper Comanche 400 at the end of last year. Our aircraft “chop shop” consisting of Bill Schirding, Ferd Kuhn, Shay Chin and Craig Coffin quickly... Read More »

Jetman Flight at Grand Canyon West

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Jetman Flight at Grand Canyon West In May 2011, Jetman achieved a beautiful and memorable flight in the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA… and here’s the official souvenir video! Many thanks to all who were involved in that adventure! More info on http://www.jetman.com

A Tragedy For All Of Us

Posted on Jul 20 2009 | No Comments
A Tragedy For All Of Us By now you have heard that an hour or two after last month’s chapter meeting, during our Open House event, two Chapter 40 members were lost in the crash of a Lancair just outside of the Newhall Pass. Ron Weiss and his old... Read More »

2009 Barbecue Galore a Success !

Posted on Jul 19 2009 | 1 Comment
2009 Barbecue Galore a Success ! Barbecue Galore a Success ! Chalk up another good idea by Chapter 40 members that turned out to be a winner. The Chapter Open House and BBQ after the last meeting was a big success. A large number of Whiteman Airport folks... Read More »

Open Sesame

Posted on Jul 18 2009 | No Comments
Open Sesame This Saturday, July 18th, is also our first-ever EAA Chapter 40 Open House event. This is a very important event for us, because it gives the entire airport com- munity the chance to meet us, see what we do, and become interested... Read More »

Another Huge Home-Run for Chapter 40… The Kids of...

Posted on Jul 14 2009 | No Comments
Chapter 40 has performed another miracle, this time bigger and better than the last one! The special Young Eagles event for the kids of Camp Chesed went off without a hitch. The heart and soul of the success was our brilliant volunteer staff managing the registration and scheduling process, Tamara Sheffey, Linda Lo- men, Candace Nicholson and Katherine Nicholson.... Read More »

The Story of an FAA Approved Aircraft Modification

Posted on Jul 14 2009 | 1 Comment
Part 1: Of Enormity and Conformity Some of you may know that getting anything FAA approved can be a big job. Some of you know only that anything and everything in aviation is expensive and can’t figure out why. Well, your intrepid newsletter editor knows why, first hand. Several years ago, sitting in an older Cessna owned by a friend at Whiteman, I had an idea... Read More »

Jim Feldman Kitfox Incident – All OK

Posted on Jul 01 2009 | 1 Comment
Jim Feldman Kitfox Incident – All OK Jim Feldman Kitfox Incident – All OK Chapter 40 member Jim Feldman’s beautiful Kitfox IV was substantially damaged in an off-airport landing a week ago. Fortunately both instructor and student walked away unharmed. Jim... Read More »

B-17 Results – April 2009

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The financial results of our B-17 tour stop in April are in. Chapter 40 is proud to report that we have received approximately $1700 in income from sell- ing rides and merchandise! Through no fault of our chapter’s efforts, the amount was somewhat less than what we had earned in previous B-17 visits. A truly great job was done by all our volunteers, especially... Read More »