2016 Holiday Party

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It’s time for the annual EAA Chapter 40 Christmas party. The big event will be held this Sunday, December 11th at 5PM. Once again it is through the boundless generosity of Tom Hastings and his family. Please RSVP by calling 818-341-2039. The address is 8344 Oso Avenue in Winnetka, CA. It’s a block north of Roscoe and a block west of Winnetka Ave. If you get... Read More »

November 2016 Meeting; Holiday Party

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Hello and Happy Holidays to all members! Our last meeting of the year will be this Saturday November 19th same time same location at the old Rocky’s restaurant At 9:30 a.m. Get out your calendars and mark this date: Our annual Christmas party will be at Tom Hastings house on Sunday December 11th at 5 p.m. The main dishes will be catered, so please bring... Read More »

CH 40 Meeting October 2016

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Hello everybody! It’s time for our next to EAA Chapter 40 meeting. Our next meeting is this Saturday, October 15th, We are still meeting in the old Rockys at Whiteman airport, 9:30 a.m. October is a strange month because it has 5 Saturdays, so make sure you come this Saturday the 15th. We had a very successful Whiteman open house and Young Eagle day. The... Read More »

KWHP Open House 2016

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KWHP Open House 2016 This weekend (Saturday, September 24th) is the Whiteman airport open house and young Eagle day. Last year we flew over 80 kids, and I estimate about the same this year. We need help we need help with Pilots to fly the kids... Read More »

Ch 40 Meeting September 2016

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Ch 40 Meeting September 2016 Hello everybody! Our next meeting is this Saturday, September 17th. We are still meeting in the same old Rocky’s restaurant until they tear it down. Be there at 9:30 a.m. Ferd just contacted me with very interesting... Read More »

Chapter 40 Meeting August 2016

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Hello All! Our next meeting is this Saturday August 20th, 9:30 am, at KWHP, in the abandoned skeleton of our former beloved airport restaurant. Our topic will be an Air Venture review. If you went to Air Venture, then we want to hear from you. Pictures, videos, stories. If you have media let me know so we can project it. (cod2@pacbell.net) or 818-705-2744. Looks... Read More »

Meeting and BBQ July 16 2016

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Hi there, Pilot Persons! This Saturday, July 16, is our next meeting and yearly BBQ. This will be our 8th Annual Chapter 40 BBQ and Ron Weiss/Tony Crippen Memorial Party! The meeting will be at 9:30AM, with the BBQ following the meeting, around noon. Murry and Mark will talk about soaring in the San Fernando Valley or Urban Motorgliders. Your job is to bring... Read More »

June 2016 Meeting

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Hello all members: Our next meeting is this Saturday, June 18 at 09:30. The meeting will be held at KWHP, in the abandoned building that was once our beloved airport restaurant, Rocky’s. Please bring a piece of your project to show off, or talk about. We had a great B17 event! Thanks to all that helped. Speaking of help… we need more help with our... Read More »

Special Young Eagle Day

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The kids from Camp Chesed would like to come back to Agua Dulce airport during their summer camp. Chapter 40 has participated this special event for several years now. We promise you, it will be one of the greatest and most satisfying things you will ever do as a pilot or aviation supporter. Time and time again, parents have reported that flying in an airplane... Read More »

B17 Event Needs Your Help

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Hi All, The last time I spoke with Oshkosh we have about 22 rides pre-booked and paid for; Galpin is not only providing a rental car, but has bought two rides as prizes for their sales people! As of Monday night the only gap in the planning that I’m aware of is the need for someone to serve as a vehicle gate guard on Thursday for the media flight.  If... Read More »