Meeting August 2015

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Our next meeting is this Saturday, August 15, 2015 at KWHP, in the not-a-restaurant formerly known as Rocky’s. We will have an Air Venture Review this Saturday. You are the speakers! Bring photos, a USB drive, DVD or whatever. Don’t be shy; tell us your stories. I want to delve into Rutan’s new plane. I know it wasn’t there, but I’ve... Read More »

Meeting and BBQ July 2015

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Hi there, Pilot Persons! This Saturday, July 18, is our next meeting and yearly BBQ. This will be our 7th Annual Chapter 40 BBQ and Ron Weiss/Tony Crippen Memorial Party! The meeting will be at 9:30AM, with the BBQ following the meeting, around noon. Your job is to bring something else to share, a side dish, dessert, etc. The meeting will be held in the sad,... Read More »

Monthly Meeting June 2015

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Hello, all you Chapter 40 members! Our next meeting is this Saturday, June 20 2015, 9:30am, at KWHP, in the decrepit abandoned building that was once our beloved restaurant. It’s easy to find; look for the Ghost of Burgers Past, and all of the old, sad pilots wishing they had a place to grab a bite to eat and engage in a little hangar talk. We need pilots... Read More »

Monthly Meeting May 2015

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Monthly Meeting May 2015 Our next meeting is this Saturday, May 16 at KWHP, in the not-a-restaurant formerly known as Rocky’s. There are rumors that the building is haunted, but the twins say that is absolutely not true. We will be discussing... Read More »

Off to the Mojave!

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We will not have our normal meeting this Saturday. Instead, we are going to Mojave! This event can develop into something major for SoCal Aviation. Lets check out the speed demons! Meet for car/plane pool at the former Rocky’s at 8:00 am on Saturday. for more info on event. Call Murry, 818-702-0782 or Charlie 818-705-2744 for even... Read More »

Thanks for your help!

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To all Chapter Members that helped out with the Ford Tri-Motor: I have just been contacted by Kristy, at the EAA, who advised me that our Chapter has earned $665 to date. Thanks again to all members who volunteered. Blue Skies, Charlie

Tri-Motor needs YOUR help!

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Hello, fellow pilots! We still need help with the Tri-Motor this weekend. We are short of help, and have shifts available. We need the financial support, it’s a great plane, and it should be a nice weekend. There isn’t a better way to spend a beautiful Spring day than hanging out at the airport, is there? Again, this is the only money making event... Read More »

Ford Tri-Motor This Weekend!

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We need help with the Tri-Motor this weekend. We are short of help, and have shifts available Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 2, and 2 to 6. This is the only money making event this year! The hangar is running at a loss, and we need to keep it available for building planes. Please call Dave Kolstad to volunteer at 818-349-3274 Blue Skies, Charlie

March 2015 – Meeting this Saturday

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Hello all, The Ford Tri-Motor is here in two weeks on the dates of March 26, 27, 28 and 29, at Clay Lacey Aviation. This event is the ONLY MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITY we will have this year. In preparation of this historical event, as it is the first time the Tri-Motor has been showcased at VNY, we need volunteer help urgently. Our meeting is this Saturday, March... Read More »

EAA Ford Tri-Motor Coming to VNY

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EAA Ford Tri-Motor Coming to VNY — The information posters arrived and we are desperately seeking volunteers to help us get the word out on this truly historical plane and the overall event at VNY March 26, 27, 28, and 29. As I am sure everyone is aware, this is an opportunity for Chapter 40 to make money, and introduce the public to aviation history. ... Read More »